Feel free to contact us should you require any further information regarding SVS and the Validation Passport.

The Centre fee to use SVS is £500 + VAT. Is this a one-off fee or an annual fee?

This is a one-off fee.

How long do Validations last?

Each specification created will show the validation expiry date. These will differ depending on Course, Qualification or CPD.

How long will it take for a validation to be processed?

No more than 5 working days.

Will the cost for all validations be the same?

No as costs may differ. Please refer to Price List published on this website.

Do the validations expire?

Validation expiry dates vary between Qualifications, Courses and CPD. They could be extended with appropriate SVS recognised further training.

Does the Passport expire?

The Passport does not expire. They are for life.