An opportunity for employers to review authenticity and competency of their employees on an electronic digital passport before they even set foot in the workplace.

The SVS passport system is developed with the employer and employee at its heart. 

By registering your employees for the SVS passport you are offering an up to date, secure and accessible tool for them to use when upskilling. 


  • Up to date visual/audio demonstration of knowledge, skills and competence
  • Exclusivity of the validations you create for courses or CPD routes - aligning with your own business needs
  • If your employees are working on other sites or with other companies, their SVS Passport will enable them to provide evidence of their skills and qualifications through simply having their phones/ tablets
  • When recruiting for new staff the SVS passport can be viewed remotely, quickly and simply - no need to be inundated with paperwork
  • Corroborates authenticity of individual
  • Recognisable brand
  • Digital first approach
  • Pan sector